EU Data Protection Officer

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Achieve the Skills needed to perform the EU Data Protection Officer DPO function in an organisation, either as internal, external consultant or EU Data Protection Officer as-a-service.


The main objective of the EU Data Protection Officer course is to provide to the participants the necessary skills to perform the DPO function in a company, either as internal, external consultant or Data Protection Officer as-a-service. The course addresses the concepts, fundamentals, principles, roles and responsibilities, current legislation and drivers and benefits in the new regulation. Thought the course it’s provided an overview of an implementation methodology based on the PDCA model and the EU data protection legislation, and the DPO role and involvement on the several stages of this methodology. The course is guided by a case study, with the objective of transfer to the application in the workplace, where will be considered the new legislation, good management practices, and any current privacy policy implemented on the organization, among other references. This course as a duration of 3 days and prepares for the Behavior EU Data Protection Officer (EU-DPO) certification. This certification is aligned with ISO 17024 and therefore valid at international level.

Day 1Introduction to data protection concepts and principlesData protection roles and responsibilitiesEU data protection legislative frameworksDPO requirementsDay 2The DPO & planning and implementing for EU Data Protection complianceDay 3The DPO & monitoring for EU Data Protection complianceData Protection Officer Certification Exam

Information security professionals, consultants and/or auditors providing data protection servicesIT professionals that will be involved on a the implementation of an GDPR programmePrivacy and data protection consultants and/or auditors involved or supporting organizations on the compliance with EU data protection requirementsDesignated DPO’s for public organizations or by private companiesAny professional that want to learn the fundamentals for the implementation of an EU data protection programme

Identify and know the main privacy and data protection concepts and terminologyBe able to differentiate and identify the most common data protection roles and responsibilities on the EU GDPR frameworkKnow the main componentes of the EU data protection legislative framework, including the current data protection legislation, EU data protection revison drivers and benefits, and the structure and content of the new GDPR (...)

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