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This course enables the participants to acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills to operate and maintain a cybersecurity programme and framework based on the latest and most recognized international best practices.The course addresses the fundamental concepts and principles of cybersecurity, cybersecurity frameworks and related best practices, legislation and regulations, for governments and organizations, cybersecurity controls best practices, and the components, operation and maintenance of a cybersecurity programme.The course presents a proposed approach for cybersecurity, drafted and supported by international best practices and, finally it covers the fundamental concepts and principles for auditing a cybersecurity programme and framework.The course prepares the participants for the Behaviour® Cybersecurity Professional (CSP) certification.This certification course and the related certification scheme are developed under the Behaviour’s QMS and aligned with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024, therefore valid at international level.

- Course introduction

- Fundamental concepts and principles of cybersecurity

- Cybersecurity frameworks and controls- Components, operation and maintenance of a cybersecurity programme

- Fundamental concepts and principles for auditing a cybersecurity programme and framework- Cybersecurity

- Professional Certification Exam

Information security professionals, consultants and/or auditors that need to acquire the fundamental knowledge about the frameworks, controls, and applicable legislation regarding cybersecurityProfessionals who deal with internet services as well as applications, and also the IT infrastructure on a daily-basisC-level managers, who need to understand what cybersecurity is and the impact that it has on the organization’s business objectivesAny person who needs to acquire a general understanding of cybersecurity

Understand the fundamental principles and concepts related to cybersecurity;Identify and understand the current frameworks on the market that can be used to support the implementation of a cybersecurity programme;Apply mechanisms to operationalize a cybersecurity programme and framework in order to support its implementation and maintenance;Comprehend how to perform a cybersecurity risk assessment;Identify and apply cybersecurity controls to mitigate risks and prevent security breaches;Understand the fundamental audit principles to support the audit of a cybersecurity programme and framework.

Participants should understand English as the course documentation is in this language.

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