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This Data Protection Foundation course provides a holistic view of the concepts and principles of Privacy and Data Protection and its applicability focusing primarily on the foundations, concepts and guiding principles that underpin existing legislation and frameworks. Next, the course covers the EU legislation, and an overview of the differences with other privacy laws and regulations, such as the ones from Canada, United States and Australia, among others, and the analysis of the various privacy and data protection frameworks internationally recognized.

Fundamental concepts and principles of privacy and data protection

Privacy and Data Protection Frameworks

EU Data Protection revision drivers and benefits

Common Data Protection Roles and Responsibilities (EU & Other Frameworks)

EU GDPR principles for data processing

EU Data Protection:

Data Protection Foundation Exam


Information security professionals

IT professionals

Data protection consultants and/or auditors

To get to know the EU GDPR principles for data processing and how they drive the requirements for data protection, including, lawful processing, consent and related with special categories of personal dataTo understand how the EU GDPR applies to individuals, organizations, including on operations related with data transfers outside the EU, and the role and responsibilities of Data Protection Bodies.To acquire the knowledge needed to succeed on the BCS DPF exam and become a certified Data Protection Foundation (DPF) professional

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