Windows 7 Support Technician (Aveiro)

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Windows 7 Support Technician (Aveiro)


After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Identify and Resolve Desktop Application Issues
•Identify the Cause of and Resolve Networking Issues
•Manage and Maintain Systems That Run Windows 7
•Support Mobile Users
•Identify the Cause of and Resolve Security Issues


This course is intended for Windows 7 desktop support technicians who resolve Tier 1 and 2 problems on desktop computers. A minimum of three years of experience configuring and supporting desktop or laptop operating systems is recommended.


Before attending this course, students must have:
•TCP/IP Troubleshooting skills
•Experience working in a domain environment
•Experience using desktop and command-line troubleshooting tools
•Experience installing and troubleshooting desktop application problems
•Experience configuring registry and group policy settings


Identify and Resolve New Software Installation Issues
•Planning New Software Deployment
•Multilingual Deployment
•Using Group Policy to install software
•Using Software Restriction Policies
•Digitally Signing Software
•Using WMI
•Using Applocker
•Using Virtualization for Testing
•Resolve Software Installation Issues

Resolve Software Configuration Issues
•Change Default Settings on the Image
•Enable and Disable Features
•Pointing to a Network Resource
•Configuring Updates
•Resolve Configuration Issues with Group Policy
•Driver Updates
•Problem Steps Recorder
•Resolve Software Configuration Issues

Resolve Software Failure
•Event Viewer
•Event Forwarding
•Application Compatibility Toolkit
•Windows Troubleshooting Platform
•Windows Experience Index
•Testing Compatibility with Safe Mode
•System Restore
•Resolve Software Failure

Identify and Resolve Logon Issues
•Authentication Process
•Machine Accounts
•Trust Relationships
•Network Services
•User Account Properties
•User Profiles
•Resolve Logon Issues

Identify and Resolve Network Connectivity Issues
•Scope of the Problem
•Hardware Issues
•TCP/IP Configuration
•Network Routing
•IPSec Configuration
•Network Connectivity Tools
•Branch Cache
•Resolve Network Connectivity Issues

Identify and Resolve Name Resolution Issues
•DNS Name Resolution
•Using a Hosts files
•WINS Configuration
•Using LMHOSTS files
•Name Resolution Order
•Manual vs DHCP Configuration
•Resolve Name Resolution Issues

Identify and Resolve Network Printer Issues
•Connecting to a Network Printer
•Managing the Print Spooler
•Setting Printer Priorities
•Creating Printer Pools
•Configuring Drivers
•Printer Schedules
•Printer Permissions
•Manage Printers with Group Policy Settings
•Resolve Network Printer Issues

Identify and Resolve Performance Issues
•Analyzing Event Logs
•Setting Power Management
•Optimize Processor Usage
•Optimizing Memory Usage
•Optimize Hard Drive Usage
•Optimize Network Usage
•Performance Tools
•Resolve Performance Issues

Identify and Resolve Hardware Failure Issues
•Diagnosing Memory Failure Issues
•Hard Drive Issues
•Network Card Issues
•Power Supply Issues
•Windows Hardware Diagnostic Tools
•Resolve Hardware Failure Issues

Identify and Resolve Wireless Connectivity Issues
•Signal Strength
•Wireless Security
•Wireless Profiles
•Management Options for Wireless Devices
•Resolve Wireless Connectivity Issues

Identify and Resolve Remote Access Issues
•Remote Access Methods
•Dial-up Configuration
•VPN Configuration
•DirectAccess Configuration
•Authentication Protocols
•Resolve Remote Access Issues

Manage File Synchronization
•Configuring Offline File Access
•Synchronization Settings
•Transparent Caching
•Roaming Profiles
•Restoring Network Files
•Resolve File Synchronization Problems

Identify and Resolve Internet Explorer Security Issues
•Configure Security Zone
•Configure Security Levels
•Configure Privacy Settings
•Managing Add-ons
•Configure Smart Screen Filter
•Other Security Issues
•Resolve Internet Explorer Security Issues

Identify and Resolve Firewall Issues
•Securing Network Applications and Features
•Program and Port Exceptions
•Configuring Notifications and Logging
•Network Security Tools
•Resolve Firewall Issues

Identify and Resolve Issues Due To Malicious Software
•Proactive Malware Protection
•Protecting Internet Explorer
•Windows and Anti-Virus Updates
•Recovering From Malware Infection
•Resolve Issues Due To Malicious Software

Identify and Resolve Encryption Issues
•Configuring a Recovery Agent
•Using EFS
•Using BitLocker
•Encryption Tools
•Resolve Encryption Issues

Identify and Resolve Software Update Issues
•Types of Windows Updates
•Using Windows Update
•Using Microsoft Update
•Resolve Software Update Issues

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